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Adblue Information

What is Adblue ? 
What does AdBlue cost ?
Where can I buy AdBlue?
Can SCR be retro-fitted to existing fleets?
When and how is Adblue available?
What is the new emission limit?
Does Adblue Freeze ? 
What happens is AdBlue and diesel are mixed up?
Ideal Storage Conditions
Is AdBlue dangerous?

How adblue works

- What is Adblue ?
Adblue is a purified non toxic water solution which is manufactured to help the environment; strict standards are used to prevent the catalyst converter from contaminating in usage. Injecting the adblue to the converter reduces all the harmful chemicals into nitrogen and water. Another advantage of using adblue is that the emission standards of Euro 4 and 5 will be met.

All major truck an bus manufactures in Europe will require Adblue fuel by October 2006.

- What does AdBlue cost ?

Unlike diesel Adblue is not taxed although VAT will still apply. The price of adblue is expected to be half the price of diesel. The cost of AdBlue will be more than offset by savings on diesel fuel consumption In most driving conditions

- Where can I buy AdBlue?

A dblue will be available at most filling stations across Europe.

- Can SCR be retro-fitted to existing fleets?

There are a number of technology providers who do offer this possibility. This can be of particular benefit to the bus sector who need to achieve emission limits set by local authority policy.

- When and how is Adblue available?

AdBlue is available now. You can refill your vehicle with AdBlue from storage on your own site which we can supply as follows:

IBC - (Intermediate Bulk Container) this holds 1000 litres of AdBlue. We supply a dispense pump to conveniently deliver the product into your vehicle 
Canisters - small 10 litre canisters for emergency use 
MiniBulk and Bulk - tanks with built in dispense pump can be supplied for storage volumes of 1500 litres upwards 
Motorway service areas and truck stops are currently under development (See Press Release: Sept 04 below)

What is the new emission limit?

To meet Euro IV legislation the amount of NOx emitted from the truck, bus or coach exhaust cannot be above 2g/kwhr (2 grammes per kilo watt hour).

Does Adblue Freeze ? 
Yes - AdBlue freezes at -11.5ºC as it is a solution made up of approximetaley ¾ water. For this reason, the AdBlue injection system is equipped with a heating device.

What happens is AdBlue and diesel are mixed up?
There is no risk of the taking place. The diesel nozzel is not compatible with the AdBlue tank as it has a larger diameter. The AdBlue nozzle is fitted with a release system that is only compatible with AdBlue Tanks.

Ideal Storage Conditions 
Crystallises at -11ºC Recommend storage 0 to 35ºC.

Is AdBlue dangerous ? 
Adblue is classified as a non-hazardous substance that is non toxic and non explosive according to 67/548/EEC Directive. 

Adblue Benfits

  • Corrosion resistant and requires minimal maintenance
  • Fully bunded, providing total protection from leakage and overfilling
  • Deters misuse, theft of product and vandalism
  • Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be customised